Wednesday 08 Apr 2020

Thank You to Our Board

As we reflect on the past year, the President would like to recognize our dedicated board members that devote their time and skills to making this Chapter such a great success.
Thank you to the below for all they do for Penn State, our Chapter, and our Board!
Mike Cocco, Immediate Past President
Andy Deitch-Vice-President
Lori Spargo, Secretary
Barry Ellen, Treasurer
Mickey Perlmutter, Scholarship Chair & Ticket Exchange Coordinator
Bill Gleason, Philanthropy Chair & Social Media Team-Facebook
Jason Ricketts, Hoboken Social Chair
Dave Lynch, Hoboken Social Chair
Katie Cocco, Social Media Team-Twitter
Matt O’Connell, Social Media Team-LinkedIn
Jon Rento-Networking Chair
Zack Yukas-Young Alumni Chair
Meredith Orlan-Social Media Team-Instagram
Karen Hockstein-Board Member
Kevin Rivera-Board Member
Justin Parker-Board Member

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