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Below is a list of upcoming Networking Events & Information:

Upcoming Events

Professional Development Workshop

On Wed, April 24th, our Chapter is excited to provide a unique professional development opportunity for our alumni. We are very fortunate to be able to be hosting a workshop focused on everything you need to know about interviewing, that will be presented by two local alumni, Jack Beighley and Karen Jezierski, that combined have over 50 years professional experience in Human Resources. An  informative presentation followed by interactive exercises will be available for all those in attendance.
The event is taking place at the Columbian Hall, 299 Eisenhower Parkway, Livingston NJ. The event will start at 6:30PM.
Other highlights of the event are  networking opportunities, door prize giveaways, and light refreshments.
This event is free for our dues paying members and if you’re not a member, you can register by clicking the link below
If you wish to register for the event, please email us  the following information to pennstatenj@gmail.com:
a) Your name
b) Academic college & Graduation Year
c) How many years of work experience do you have?
d) What is your current functional area – i.e., Accounting, Human resources, IT, etc.?
e) What is your current industry focus – Financial services, Pharmaceutical, IT, Manufacturing, etc.?
f) Are you currently employed?
Any questions, about this event, please contact us at pennstatenj@gmail.com

Spring Big Ten Networking

The Purdue Alumni Club of NJ, Wisconsin Alumni Chapter of NJ, Maryland Northern New Jersey Alumni Network, and the Penn State Northern NJ Alumni Chapter invites all Big Ten Alumni to attend our 5th Big Ten Networking Event in Bergen County this spring! This is a great way to meet other local Big Ten alumni and, more importantly, expand your network! Don’t forget to bring your business cards.
Below are all the details you need for this event:
Date: Wed, May 1, 2019
Time: 6:30 P.M.  – 8:30 P.M.
Location:  Redd’s Restaurant
                  317 Washington Ave
                  Carlstadt, NJ
Cost: This event is free
Charitable Component- we’re asking everyone to bring at least one non-perishable food item to the event. All donations will be distributed to local food banks and shelters

Linked In

Our Chapter is always looking for ways to expand our Networking events and opportunities for our alumni.
We understand that sometimes it’s difficult to attend our events for one reason or another. As a result, we want to make networking more accessible for everyone.  By joining, you will have access to other alumni in the area for networking purposes. To join, you can just click on the link below.


Alumni Career Services has launched a new version on LionLink, which connects alumni in the workforce with students and other alumni looking for career and professional guidance. Using a community-like feel, LionLink offers mentoring and networking opportunities with Penn Staters worldwide and across thousands of organizations, industries, and professions.Unique features include:
  • options to log in using LinkedIn, Facebook, or your existing email address;
  • extensive career resource center to browse and learn;
  • ability to set specific number of times you prefer to be contacted per month;
  • and much more.

This is a great way to engage in professional networking opportunities. Build your personal profile and start connecting with your Penn State community today by clicking on the link below.


Networking Resources

Our Chapter hosted a Networking Event in connection with Alumni Career Services. Cheryl Bonner, Director of Alumni Career Services, held a presentation on annual career check up and the balance of work/life. She graciously combined her insight and the ideas brought forth from our alumni that were in attendance to create this helpful guide.

What do we need to do to prepare ourselves for market shifts, employment changes, or even advancement opportunities or handle w/I Balance?
  1. Look for patterns –
    1. Tools – Not just a resume. Social media, LinkedIn, business cards:
      1. LI Profile
        -Keep Linkedin Network Up-to-date, Leverage Linked In to maximize connections, search for opportunities on LinkedIn, Keep your LinkedIn profile current, spend time updating LinkedIn profile, Update LinkedIn frequently
      2. Resume
        - Keep resume continuously updated, Update resume, Keep resume updated, update resume with achievements, For more experienced workers create a resume that has far too much detail that can be edited down to meet specific job descriptions
      3. Interview Skills
        -Have an interview suit ready, practice your interviewing and communication skills.
    2. Words – Be ready to share your story effortlessly! Know your value and be ready to share it. Know your goals and be ready to articulate them when someone offers to help:
      1. Elevator Speech
      2. Summary statements of your
      3. Value statements
        -make a list of God-given gifts, what value do you bring to an organization – what problems are you able to solve – be able to share this in a few sentences.
    3. Research – what is happening in the world, your industry, your company:
      1. Trends
        -Look to take time to learn new areas to keep fresh
      2. Local challenges
        -Think outside the box for developing new career, be open to new ideas career wise, prepare for the unexpected, constantly be looking for other job opportunities even if you don’t take them
      3. Company info
        -Set up informational interviews with people in companies you are interested in, Even if you have a job research other opportunities on a regular basis to see what is out there
    4. Contacts – more than just a list. Develop reciprocal relationships.
      1. LI
        -Network, keep diverse in your connections, maintain professional network (not just LinkedIn), Networking, Update network
      2. Business
        -Talk at least occasionally to Head Hunters, never eat alone, build keep your network, Industry networking groups, network internally, keep in touch with past co-workers
      3. Social – neighborhood (president of the company where the job was posted was Nate’s neighbor)
        -regularly reach out to network contacts, cultivate a relationship with a mentor, maintain your network, network with people where I may want to land, don’t burn any bridges
      4. High School, College, etc.
        -keep up network, connect with Alumni Association and regional chapters
    5. Self-awareness
      1. Goals
        -Choosing the right career, staying open minded, develop a “life vision statement” to order opportunities, think about/consider what you are passionate about, do your best in all you do, hold yourself accountable to your goals, keep skills sharp, don’t pigeon-hole yourself into one role be flexible in what you learn, don’t be afraid to challenge yourself, learn new relevant skills
      2. Family needs
        -Geographics, have hobbies you enjoy outside of work, have a positive attitude, find out how much you need for retirement, always keep learning, Understand long-term and short-term financial goals, define how many hours of work are acceptable
      3. What needs to give?
        -Identify what areas of life are most important to you so you can choose your work-life balance, Be realistic, Be  positive, Embrace change, Define/rank what is important in life(regarding work), different languages, learn new skills/things every day/every week/ every month, Prioritize know your goals, Prioritize your life
      4. Plan to grow a new skill
        -Pursue further education/certificate to make yourself more marketable in the job force, staying educated, make yourself important to your company, do great at your current position, take an inventory of your skills, keep current with your skills, figure out your personal brand
      5. Create and maintain a comprehensive list of ALL professional accomplishments over the past year (or update one in progress). Gather tangible evidence and measurable results. O
        Examples: classes taken, projects completed, conferences attended, processes improved, clients won, sales made, awards won, compliments received, etc.
    6. Ready Set Go
      1. Conversations with important stakeholders
      2. Accountability with others – call someone you met tonight and ask how things are going, respond truthfully when someone calls you!
      3. Purge/archive old email – get rid of the junk around you! How long would it take you to leave your current job – Physically/ Mentally
      4. Clear clutter that’s accumulated in and around workspace
      5. Evaluate the end-of-year status of current company
      6. Review personal goals and maintain a healthy Work/Life Balance
-figure out what salary you need to survive and be happy, spend time with family, take vacation relax! Exercise, keeping skills up to date, plan down time to recharge, keep skills current, have extra money saved, Plan, write down your goals- both career and personal, keep track of top accomplishments, raise your hand for new opportunities, continue learning, make time for yourself, volunteer/do pro-bono work to sharpen your skills and stay connected (Example:Taproot foundation for ProBono work), keep learning
Penn State offers services to help you, including many referenced in this list. Visit their website at alumni.psu.edu/career for more information.



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