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The Northern New Jersey Alumni Chapter offers three scholarships for incoming Freshman students

  • Thomas L. Reissmann Endowed Scholarship

  • The NNJ Chapter Founders Scholarship

  • The Stanford “Sonny” Stoller Scholarship

The NNJ Alumni Chapter established an endowed scholarship in 1977. This scholarship has been awarded annually to incoming Penn State freshmen year student residing in our designated area of influence, recognizing distinguished academic achievement, character, and outstanding leadership qualities. This scholarship is administered by the university, named and formally known as the Thomas L. Reissmann Endowed Scholarship.

Since 2004, additional scholarships have been offered to incoming freshman year students. The additional scholarships are administered by the NNJ Alumni Chapter. These scholarships are named and formally known as the NNJ Alumni Chapter Founders Scholarship and Stanford “Sonny” Stoller Scholarship. Applicants for these scholarships will be evaluated based upon the following criteria:

  • Outstanding Character
  • Demonstrated Leadership
  • Volunteerism
  • Outstanding Accomplishments in School Activities
  • Outstanding Accomplishments in Community Service
  • Academic Achievement


To be eligible for consideration, the university has mandated that applicants for NNJ Alumni Chapter Scholarships must be Northern New Jersey residents from the following designated ZIP Codes:

07000-07699 / 07800-07999 / 08800 to 08809 /08811 to 08815 / 08817 to 08823 / 08825 to 08827 /08829 to 08830 / 08832 to 08849 / 08851 to 08853 / 08855 to 08856 / 08858 / 08860 to 08864 / 08866 to 08871 / 08874 to 08878 / 08880 to 08881 /08883 /08885 to 08900 /08903 to 08999

All documentation submitted by Applications will be reviewed by the NNJ Alumni Chapter’s Scholarship Committee and regarded as strictly confidential information.

How to Apply

One single application is required to apply and be considered a candidate for each of the NNJ Alumni Chapter Scholarships. The Scholarship Committee reserves the right to select the specific recipient for each of the offered scholarships based upon review and evaluation of the scholarship applications submitted and received.

Applications will be received via email to:

Deadline to submit an application for consideration is May 15, 2021.

Our official application can be found here: NNJ Alumni Chapter Student Scholarships Application

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